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 It is important when pulling haulms to keep the firmness of the row intact so that no potatoes will be pulled out or become exposed. In addition, it is important that the row do not sag as a result of (heavy) rainfall, with all its consequences. With attention to these points, Vegniek has started to develop a completely new principle of haulm pulling. The haulm is clamped between 2 hydraulically driven spoked wheels with rubber discs in between. To keep the row intact and to keep the potatoes in the row, stainless steel gliders are mounted next to the pull discs. After the pulling discs, soil and haulms are thrown back on top of the row and the row is pressed by means of a diabolo roller. The result: Well-covered potatoes and a well-closed rows which are resistant against weather influences. This new principle has been patented.


Quelle est la valeur ajoutée pour l’utilisateur ?

After haulm pulling, the growth of the potato stops immediately. As a result, stopping the growth can be precisely planned so that the tubers do not grow “out of size”. In the cultivation of consumption and starch potatoes, it gives the opportunity to let the crop continue to grow for as long as possible. The mother tuber dies faster and the potato skin immediately starts to harden off, which means you can harvest earlier. After haulm pulling in a vital crop, you can usually harvest within 10 to 14 days. In addition, haulm pulling can prevent the tubers from being infected by Rhizoctonia and an viruses. Furthermore, the DiscMaster is a robust machine with a limited own weight and is easy to use. The machine has low maintenance costs, which ensures that the operating costs remain low. Thanks to the new principle, no potatoes are exposed and the row is perfectly sealed and pressed.


Quelle est la valeur ajoutée pour la durabilité et de la professionnalisation du secteur de la pomme de terre ?

The use of chemicals in the agricultural sector is under pressure from the government, but also from a large proportion of consumers. This development is not only taking place in the Netherlands, but also in many other countries around the world. This circumstances forces growers to think about alternatives. After the ban on Reglone (Diquat), only a few haulm killing herbicides are available for potato growers. From the experiences of potato growers in our area, we can conclude that the remaining haulm killing herbicides do not work fast enough or do not meet expectations in certain situations. The advantage of haulm pulling is that the use of chemicals can be reduced and the growth stops immediately. This gives the grower a financial advantage, but also ensures that the entire sector becomes less dependent on chemicals with regard to haulm killing.

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