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Tolsma green-white LED lighting

What is new?

In addition to the right temperature and humidity that ensure potato quality, light also plays a role in this. Under the influence of white light, a potato turns green due to the build-up of solanine and chlorophyll. The potato is exposed to this during loading and unloading in storage and in sorting and packaging areas. The new green-white, energy-efficient LED lighting can prevent potatoes from turning green. By switching the LED fixture to green light during the storage period, green discoloration of the product is prevented. Another great advantage of the LED lamp is the very large beam angle. As a result, only a limited number of lamps are needed to provide the entire room with light. In addition, this technology is energy efficient.


What is the added value for the user?

  • Saving on installation costs
  • Ease of use due to unique work/storage light function


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

  • Prevents potato quality loss
  • High luminous efficiency (Lm/W) so low energy costs


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