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Een suikerbietras dat luistert naar de naam REDUKTO

What is new?

REDUKTO is a new sugar beet variety that combines resistance to the beet cyst nematode with very strong resistance to root knot nematodes. Root knot nematode is a specific group of nematodes belonging to the Meloidogynes species, to which many valuable agricultural and horticultural crops are susceptible. Root knot nematodes are not a major problem in beet cultivation itself. However, they can cause major damage in sensitive crops such as consumption and seed potatoes. The sugar beet variety REDUKTO greatly reduces the root knot nematode population. This makes REDUKTO unique compared to other sugar beet varieties, as they will maintain the root knot nematode population. In other words, REDUKTO works like a medicinal crop, protecting other susceptible crops in the same rotation.


What is the added value for the user?

In terms of control: Root knot nematode populations can be controlled by correctly implementing the cropping plan. The current control measures cost money and do not generate income.  Redukto however does provide an income .  In economic terms: root knot nematodes are quarantine organisms that are increasingly being observed during phytosanitary inspections. Presence in seed potatoes leads to refusal of the phytosanitary certificate, which makes it impossible to sell (export) within and outside the EU. Consumption potatoes that are too severely affected can no longer be traded because they do not comply with the quality requirements.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

Measures such as black fallow or inundation (flooding) can work well but are time consuming and expensive. Some nematicides are also available, but they are often insufficiently effective and not sustainable. REDUKTO offers a sustainable and chemical-free solution in the form of a resistant crop that can be perfectly integrated into the crop rotation plan.


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