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Fontan Elektromobil

What is new?

Unlike hot foggers, the sprout inhibitor is not heated. As a result, even highly flammable products can be used safely and the fog does not rise to the roof of the shed. Cold foggers have no influence on the temperature of the shed, so that the potatoes remain calmer after an application. All components were carefully selected and intensively tested in function of the new germ inhibitors. This completely newly developed device is equipped with a height-adjustable adjustable tripod so that the sprout inhibitor can be perfectly distributed in medium to large sheds.


What is the added value for the user?

The Elektromobil is very simple (dummy proof) and can work independently, even without supervision, allowing automation. This results in a considerable time gain. Starting and stopping an application happens immediately and without delay. No complicated procedures are required when changing sprout inhibitors. The Elektromobil consumes only 3 kW, making it suitable for use in any shed without additional electrical facilities, conditioned compressed air is not necessary.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

Thanks to the innovation implemented on the Elektromobil, it is possible to apply the new germ inhibitors in a simple, effective and fire-safe manner. Despite the low energy consumption, the Elektromobil achieves high flow rates, which makes it possible to treat medium to large warehouses in almost all circumstances. The Elektromobil is a versatile, compact and affordable device.


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