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AVR Spirit 7200

What is new?

The AVR Spirit 7200 is a completely new machine in the trailed, two-row harvester category. Its unique feature is an extra haulm roller to be able to remove even more haulm, making it the only one on the market. Control is done by an ISOBUS system. It is also the first trailed harvester to be equipped with the AVR Connect option. This allows you to consult your machine data online to grow even more efficiently (precision agriculture). The Spirit 7200 runs lightly thanks to the high wheels (30.5 rim). Different sizes are possible: 650/65 R 30.5 or 850/50 R 30.5. Also double air culture wheels 380/80 R 38 are available. As standard, these harvesters are equipped with a quick-change digging unit. Within a few minutes you can change the digging unit to harvest another crop (eg onions).


What is the added value for the user?

Since chemical haulm destruction is increasingly prohibited and mechanical haulm topping is an issue, one of the challenges was deciding how to handle these conditions in a haulm web machine. The Spirit 7200 is a response to this, integrating an additional haulm separation system in the form of a haulm roller just upstream of the in-line pintle belt.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

The farmer can switch quickly to use less chemical haulm killing, because this machine can perfectly separate the extra haulm from the harvest. Anyone who also chooses to use AVR Connect focuses on precision farming and the advantages of this are clear: more efficient, optimal use of the available land.


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