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Callifreeze System

Wat is nieuw?

GEA CALLIFREEZE® system Self balancing your process  CALLIFREEZE® is a unique new control  technology developed for the GEA range of freezers for the food industry.  The new system monitors the condition  of products exiting the freezer, and  then automatically calibrates the freezer  parameters to ensure that the product is  frozen according to requirements.  To do this CALLIFREEZE® continuously  monitors the level of crystallized water in  the product and adjusts the retention time,  air temperature and fan speed to achieve  the precise level of freezing required, with  the minimum of energy consumption.


Wat is de meerwaarde voor de gebruiker?

The CALLIFREEZE® technology features  a unique, inline traceability system that  monitors the condition of frozen products.  This helps food processors produce  consistently high-quality frozen foods.


Wat is de meerwaarde voor verdere verduurzaming en professionaliseren van de aardappelbranche?

By  improving efficiency CALLIFREEZE® can  increase production capacity, while still  reducing energy consumption by up  to 10-15%.

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