24 - 25 - 26
NOV 2024


What is new?

POTATO STORAGE ONLY USING WATER the www.HUMIGATOR dfs.com = air scrubber, both desinfects and humidifies potato storage air only by using water  Humigator is easy to install and does not need maintenance.


What is the added value for the user?

5 to 10 % more profit just by using the www.humigatorfds.com who stops molds and bactieria in your storage only using water.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

WITHOUT CHEMICALS, only by using water and the HUMIGATOR  DFS.com, you can storre longer (up to 10 months ) with less ilnesses, and more pounds of beautifull , ferm, potatoes.

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