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Smart Grader READER

What is new?

Smart Grader READER: extremely fast and accurate sampling!  The Smart Grader READER is a compact, optical reader that analyzes potato or onion samples. He measures the height, length and thickness of the tubers, calculates the square size and the weight and only needs 20 seconds to do this. The result is a digital file with an overview of the composition of the sample, the exact size distribution and weight of the individual tubers. The machine can be operated from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The measurement results can be sent directly as an Excel or PDF file to suppliers or customers. Online support The Smart Grader READER can receive online program updates or be provided with additional functionalities via the LAN connection. Because GeJo Grading continues to add new features, such as the ability to add a photo of the sample to a scan report. Or to add the measurement results of several samples. The Smart Grader READER provides you with all the data you need to optimize the processes in the chain and perfect your planning. Because Measuring is Knowing, Guessing is Missing!!


What is the added value for the user?

Can be used at any location The Smart Grader READER fits in a small van and can be used in the field for trial harvesting. Ideal for determining the right moment to kill. And an important advantage, by analyzing and registering the samples directly in the field, samples do not have to be transported and there is no risk of contamination. When storing, the READER provides insight into the composition of the harvest, because you want to know everything about the product that goes into the shed, right? MEASURING is KNOWING and the data you collect during storage is invaluable. The analysis of the Smart Grader READER helps to fine-tune the pre-grading line. This way you can easily store the harvest in the correct size sorting.  The storage process in pictures Agricultural products are natural products and under the influence of time their composition deteriorates in quality. It is therefore important to analyze samples as soon as possible after harvesting. By doing the same after the storage period and comparing the data, it immediately becomes clear how efficient the storage process has been and what has happened to the batch during the storage period in terms of moisture loss and shrinkage. This information helps you to make the right settings for your sorting line, so that you deliver exactly the right size to your customers. You can send the READER data files directly to your customer, so that he knows exactly what he will receive. This information is of great importance for the entire chain in order to be able to take the right next steps immediately and to minimize waste flows.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

Constant quality Sampling is of great importance not only for growers but also for trading houses and processors. By regularly analyzing samples, the READER helps determine exactly what is in stock. So no surprises and plenty of time to adjust processes! This can easily be done by deploying multiple READERS at different locations. The transport of samples to a central location is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of costs, travel time, manpower and waiting time. Simply deploy a READER on site to accurately and quickly store the data and share it with other locations. All READERS work with the same accuracy year after year, resulting in a valuable database of constant quality with data that can be perfectly compared over the years. On-site sampling has never been so accurate.

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