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NOV 2024

CropVision Gewis

What is new?

CropVision Gewis can now also be connected to the weather station of the Belgian grower. The advisory program indicates the best spraying moment for each product, in order to achieve the highest possible results of a spraying. Gewis also shows whether a dose reduction is possible. By responding to the best weather conditions, the grower can also save on the usage of crop protection.  More and more often the weather shows large regional differences and time gap of a spraying shortens. By connecting CropVision Gewis to the own weather station, the grower gets real local, parcel-oriented advice. In addition to the weather, CropVision Gewis looks at the different processes that play a role in the functioning of the active substance per crop, such as wax layer development, adhesion, and absorption. All Belgian products with their properties are in Gewis. The program can thus be used for all crops, products, and tank mixes.


What is the added value for the user?

CropVision Gewis tells you for each crop protection product at what time it is best to spray to get the highest effect. Waiting a few hours can mean that the spray has a higher effect. You also know when you can lower the dosage. Spraying less is good for the environment and for your wallet.  Because you connect CropVision Gewis to your own weather station in your own plot, you get very local and accurate advice. CropVision Gewis works completely online and can be used for all crops, spraying agents and tank mixes.


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

With CropVision Gewis you will consciously spray and save on the usage of spraying agents. You choose the optimal spraying moment and you have the certainty that your spraying succeeds well, that you do not spray for nothing. CropVision Gewis also shows when you can lower your dosage. This is good for your crops, your wallet, and the environment. CropVision Gewis helps you to make sustainable choices in the field of crop protection.

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