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Wat is nieuw?

D-Blade is the first potato processing machine in existence using delta robots and vision technology. The delta robots can cut potatoes 3-5 times per second with exceptional precision.


Wat is de meerwaarde voor de gebruiker?

The potato waste stream can be upgraded by D-Blade by removing blacks spots from rejected produce and returning the good product back to production, significantly reducing waste and increasing yield. D-Blade is multifunctional and can be equipped with different knifes for different applications in a matter of minutes. D-Blade is also capable of creating so called Hasselback potatoes, a relatively new product in the market. Some clients refer to D-Blade as a science fiction machine…


Wat is de meerwaarde voor verdere verduurzaming en professionaliseren van de aardappelbranche?

When used for removing black spots, D-Blade will significantly reduce the waste stream.

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