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Elea Pulsed Electric Field


Elea Pulsed Electric Field


Increased yield, better quality, & greater savings with Elea PEF Advantage

Exert greater control over your French fry production line with Elea PEF systems. PEF benefits selection, cutting, blanching, drying, frying, and product quality.

Potato Selection

PEF pre-treatment compensates for natural variations in the quality of the raw material, allowing new and normally more difficult to process varieties to be used in production.


PEF treatment is independent of the peeling step. As PEF is a volumetric treatment, the size, composition or cleanliness of the potatoes does not affect it. PEF does not affect the peeling process positively or negatively. However, cleaned and unpeeled potatoes allow for the lowest increase in conductivity of the processing water in the PEF and, therefore, help reduce water consumption.

Elea PEF Advantage treatment

The PEF treatment is a purely physical process and does not change the composition of the raw material. Due to the applied electrical pulses, the ions on both sides of the cell membrane, which functions as an isolator, are ionized, leading to an attraction of the ions and forming pores in the cell membrane. This allows for leakage of water and water-soluble compounds from the raw material, resulting in a softer, more flexible product. At the same time, macromolecules such as starch are retained in the cell.


Easier cutting due to PEF softening provides greater yields, improved cut consistency and longer knife durability. Improved slicing also results in less waste and breakage.


The goal of the blanching process in French fry production is two-fold. On the one hand, enzymes like peroxidase are inactivated to prevent browning during the production process. On the other hand, the French fry is pre-cooked before frying. Due to the improved heat transfer through the potato, it is possible to reduce the blanching temperatures and/or times, resulting in energy and, therefore, monetary savings in the production process.


The PEF induced open-cell structure enhances mass transfer through the French fry and improves water removal during drying. Better water removal enables significant energy savings in the dryer and reduces moisture content going into the fryer, providing further energy savings.


Due to the open cell structure, the mass and heat transfer throughout the French fry is improved. Therefore, it is possible to adapt frying times and temperatures to achieve a gentler frying process. This allows for a brighter colour in the final product and the possibility to increase processing capacity. Due to the smooth surface structure, the drainage of oil after being removed from the fryer is improved, resulting in a reduction of fat content. Finally, due to the more uniform distribution of water throughout the cells, the starch gelatinization improves the final product’s crunchiness.

Better quality French fries

Due to the more flexible structure after PEF treatment, it is possible to produce more significant quantities of longer French fries, with less breakage and a more uniform filling due to fewer air pockets. Additionally, due to the smoother cutting surface, the colour formation during frying is more uniform, resulting in a more even browning. This also applies to the coating process. As the surface of the potato is smooth, the uptake of the coating is also more even, resulting in an overall better-looking product.

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