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Chiorino is een producent van transportbanden.

HP COMPACT® is a new belt concept in the field of homogeneous conveyor and process belts - smooth or positive drive - assuring total hygiene and designed to resist the most severe cleaning procedures.

  • 100% Food safety
  • Superior resistance to washing and sanitizing
  • Excellent resistance to fats and oils
  • No deformations
  • Self-tracking
  • Ideal for Z-Conveyors
  • Up to 2000 mm width

The Chiorino HP® TPU belts are the benchmark in the food Industry for hygiene, performances and water saving.

  • Extraordinary resistance to cleaning systems
  • Long service life, even with scrapers
  • Highest reliability and increased belts’ service life
  • No contamination by fibres
  • Production consistency and perfect product positioning
  • Optimized cost of ownership

Chiorino DET™ is a full range of food grade metal detectable belts. The exclusive DET™ TPU belt is recognized in very small particles  by the metal detectors used in food processing and packaging.
Chiorino DET™ line guarantees a safest food production and prevents products recalls.

  • Guaranteed food safety
  • No food contamination
  • Waste reduction
  • Prevents product recalls
  • Long service life

HP COMPACT MINI DRIVE® is the ultimate solution for food positive drive belts featuring a reduced teeth pitch. Ideal for running on small pulleys, it assures smooth product transfer and increased production efficiency.

  • Accurate product transfer
  • Minimized production waste
  • No mistracking. No misalignements
  • Suitable for bi-directional running
  • Ideal for high speed
  • Total food safety
  • Long service life

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