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NOV 2024





PATAT'UP aims to achieve an effective reduction of inputs in potato crop by studying alternative, ecologically intensive and resilient systems for both the fresh market and industrial processing. High-performance technical itineraries that break with current techniques are analysed and compared. A multifactorial approach combines the following levers: 1. Use of a wider rangeof robust varieties. 2. Use of innovative cropping techniques to reduce inputs and improve soil conservation. 3. Test of the taste, nutritional and processing qualities of potatoes so that they can be effectively used by operators. The evaluation of the different cropping models is done from a technical, environmental, and economic point of view. In addition, the possibilities of local valorization of the production are also evaluated by integrating the different actors of the sector.



The PATAT'UP project emphasises a strong link between research and the potato sector in order to obtain, at the end of the project, concrete results that meet the needs of the sector. This dynamic is established through regular communication on the objectives of the project and the trials set up, during agricultural fairs, fields visits or round tables during which the stakeholders in the sector are invited to share their opinions on the trials and present their needs. Thus, through a project like PATAT'UP, new techniques and itineraries are tested and analysed to meet the needs of the sector. Once validated, these practices will be proposed to farmers who will be able to integrate them into their production system and be ready to meet the Walloon and European objectives of input reduction.


Potato cultivation is an economically and culturally important crop in Wallonia. However, as it is highly dependent on inputs, it entails significant risks of negative effects on the environment, as well as on the health of producers and consumers. In a context of climate change and energy crisis, the support of agricultural sectors towards the implementation of alternative, resilient and ecological systems is a priority for Wallonia. This transition requires the development of new production techniques to enable farmers to remain competitive in a market that pays more and more attention to the sustainable aspect of production. It is in this context and in the framework of the Walloon Recovery Plan that the Walloon government has financed the PATAT'UP project for a period of 3 years.

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