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Green vaccine against late blight in potato

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Green vaccine against late blight in potato

Geert Haesart, UGent

Tuesday 30 November 2021
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Seminar Room (hall 6)

The presentation addresses the potential role of the GLV Z-3-hexenyl acetate (Z-3-HAC) in decreasing the severity of late blight, and the underlying gene-based evidences leading to this effect. Nine-week-old potato plants (Solanum tuberosum L.) were exposed to 0.11 mM Z-3-HAC before they were inoculated with different P. infestans genotypes at different time points. The experiment was set up with cv. Bintje, a very susceptible variety to late blight. These pre-exposed potato plants exhibited slower disease development. Qualitative assessment showed that the exposed, infected potato plants possessed significantly lower sporulation intensity and disease severity compared to the control plants. Hypersensitive response (HR)-like symptoms were observed on the treated leaves when inoculated with different pathogen genotypes. It was shown that the transcript levels of several defense-related genes especially those which are involved in SA-mediated defense pathways were significantly expressed in plants at 48 h and 72 h post-exposure to the Z-3-HAC. The current work provides convincing evidence on the role of Z-3-HAC in the protection of potato plants against late blight through plant immunity and offers new opportunities for the sustainable control of late blight.

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