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GEA DeltaPak brings high-end thermoformer quality to smaller operations

A compact machine for small to medium size batches
Volker Sassmannshausen, Senior Product Manager for the GEA thermoforming packaging machines, says, “Food manufacturers with smaller operations and standard packages actively requested an alternative to the high-end GEA PowerPak machines, that provides an excellent performance ratio. That is what we aim with GEA DeltaPak. It may be a small machine, but it delivers great performance. It’s a compact machine for standard packs in small- to medium size batches, and it covers a wide spectrum of applications, including vacuum packages and MAP. It also runs flexible film as well as rigid film”. Because flexibility is a key consideration for this type of machine, it is designed for fast and easy configuration, including die set change-over. Die set production is rapid thanks to pre-design and no index mix.

Small machine, great performance
The GEA DeltaPak is available with four fixed film widths (285, 320, 360 and 420 millimeters) and five index lengths (200, 240, 270, 280 and 300 millimeters). The maximum draw depth is up to 80 millimeters. With flexible films, it runs at up to 10 cycles per minute, and even with rigid films up to 500 microns thick, it still achieves up to 7 cycles per minute. All this comes in a machine just five meters long.

Built to GEA PowerPak’s high standards
Based on a massive and robust frame concept, the GEA DeltaPak uses proven components of which many are almost identical to those used on the high-end machines. For example, it features the GEA PowerPak film transport chain with strongest chain grippers, and a very strong bottom-film unwind system. A GEA membrane seal head ensures tight and even seals. Other design features include an optimized lifting system, high-capacity vacuum pump specified at 200 cubic meters per hour, an optimized top film unwinding system and an improved safety cover system.

Operator-friendly quick-change system for the forming and sealing die sets
The GEA EasyChange is standard on all GEA DeltaPak thermoformers. This extremely operator-friendly system simplifies changing the upper and bottom parts of the forming station as well as the sealing station. It enables operators to convert the machine to other subdivisions without additional tools, and keeps downtime low.

Support throughout the entire life cycle of a plant and equipment
Excellent equipment or plants are one thing, the right service is another. With several options of the new service concept “GEA Service – For your continued success” GEA supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components: From project engineering, installation, and commissioning to maintaining and improving the performance of the customer’s plant and equipment.

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