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GEA SmartPacker CX400


Maximum speed (bags/min)*, up to 120. *Depending on product, film and dosing equipment

• Up to 120 bags/min

Output quality

Overall, the SmartPacker's continuous film transport system ensures optimal tracking for high-speed operation. Even more delicate film materials can be transported with ease.

• Higher efficiency and less waste compared with conventional machines
• Consistent high quality of produced packages
• Reliable and smooth film transport
• Delicate film materials can be transported with ease


The GEA SmartPacker CX is a compact and flexible vertical packaging machine that offers an extensive choice of packaging options in film producing bags directly from the reel. With a range of materials and our variation in formats, ranging from standard flat pillow bags to more complex quatro seal or zipper bags, you are sure to find a packaging solution that suits your product.

• Possible bags styles: Pillow, gusseting, block bottom, quatro, doy-style, envelope and zipper bags
• Typically less than 2 minutes to change a film reel
• Typically less than 5 minutes to change a bag format (pillow)


Reliable film transport - standard. To ensure fast, trouble-free film transport and jaw movement, a sinusoidal speed curve is applied and monitored by the control system.

Accurate and consistent bag length
Smooth film transport
Delicate film materials are easily transported
The controlled jaw movement minimizes mechanical strain on the cross sealing system
Ensures a longer life for the sealing elements
Return on investment

The GEA SmartPacker CX offers an excellent price / performance ratio.

• GEA Food can predict your running costs
• Advanced technical design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum


The GEA SmartPacker has a hygienic (stainless steel) design

• Smooth slopes
• Easy cleaning
• Easily exchangeable parts


GEA SmartPacker has a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA SmartPacker conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives.

• CE mark


At the heart of each GEA SmartPacker is the GEA control system. Once the operator has set essential criteria such as bag length, sealing time, speed and temperature, the machine automatically configures itself for optimal performance.

• Exceptionally easy to use
• Machine automatically configures itself for optimal performance
• Electronic jaw movement control
• GEA control system provides maximum versatility from a minimum number of moving parts
• Requiring very little maintenance

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