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WALK IN SEMINARS edition 2018

Kick-off campaing 'Can you imagine a world without potatoes?' (simultaneous translation NL-FR-ANGL)

Representatives of (International Potato Center) Lima Peru & World Potato Congres.
Afterword by Flemish Minister of Agriculture Joke Schauvliege


‘Imagine a world without potatoes’ … perhaps you see this as a rhetorical question? Or maybe not: do we not take the 'humble potato', as the English often call it, for granted? 'Do our famous fries, our national pride, grow on trees?' - as some children apparently think. What role does the potato play in our national economy? Why are potatoes and vegetables crucial when it comes to feeding babies? Why does the potato only appear in the news if there is a problem during the growing season? And why are more and more developing countries opting for potatoes instead of cereals or rice?

Questions enough for the International Potato Centre (CIP) from Lima, Peru to launch a worldwide campaign with the slogan 'Imagine a world without potatoes' as part of the World Congress on Potatoes in May 2018 in Cuzco, Peru.

INTERPOM PRIMEURS has the great privilege of hosting the kick-off of this worldwide campaign and of using the slogan as the theme for this edition.

Hundreds of multinational and national as well as large and small companies have already pledged their support to promote this campaign worldwide over the next two years. Despite the great potential of this sustainable staple, the targeted - and necessary - growth in developing countries is increasing more slowly than expected and production and consumption in Europe are falling.


INTERPOM PRIMEURS and the Belgian potato chain support this campaign. We invite you to the kick off in hall 6 on Tuesday 27 November at 10.30 in the Seminar Room of Hall 6 at Kortrijk Xpo. Simultaneous translations into Dutch, French and English will be provided.


Programme kick-off campaign ‘Can you imagine a world without potatoes?
(with simultaneous translation in Dutch - English - French)

  • Welcome speech and introduction by Romain Cools, Chairman World Potato Congress inc. & general secretary of Belgapom
  • Presentation of the worldwide campaign by Marc De Beaufort, CIP campaign manager
  • What is the CIP and what does it do? by Andre Devaux, CIP regional director South America
  • How does the Belgian NGO Trias carry out development work through potato projects by Koen Brebels, Trias
  • Short presentation of a new book about Belgian potatoes and fries 'From potato to fries' by Andre Delcart & Eddy Cooremans
  • Afterword by the Flemish Minister of Agriculture Joke Schauvliege

Questions and opportunity for interviews


>> link to presentation campagne 'Can you imagine a World without potatoes?'

>> link to presentation 'what is the CIP (international potato center)


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